Accelerated recovery and upgradin門錢g of the clothing market
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abstracts:It is said that we Beijing girls don't麗國 pay attention to clothing間線, so we have to show them w們朋hat we wear! "Miss Lv from 跳房Beijing told reporters that in the放劇 past two years

It is said that we Beijing girls d林子on't pay attention to clothing, so體國 we have to show them what we wear爸電! "Miss Lv from Beijing to請又ld reporters that in t不新he past two years, she spe老短nt more leisure time at home and didn't秒會 buy much clothes. This ye都下ar, social activities ha服家ve increased, and whether it is rece銀外iving friends from other pl村高aces or going out for spring outings, 熱黃she has to buy a lot 內購of" outfits ".

The China Clothing Association rec購年ently released the "Januar個為y March 2023 China Clothing腦拍 Industry Economic Operation Briefing",西但 which shows that under the influenc用答e of factors such as weak m話服arket demand improvement, risi拿雜ng production and operating costs, an電老d intensified market competition, the g民他rowth rate of major ind綠呢icators such as productio銀長n, efficiency, and investment in the火窗 clothing industry showed a significa木器nt negative growth trend in the first 日校quarter, and this year is o要紙pening was severely under pre雨技ssure.

However, as we ent暗玩er March, the overall situation of the 外有clothing industry resuming work and pr但弟oduction, as well as busine土場ss and market recovery, 吃筆is stable. The domestic market is 有對accelerating to reco區吧ver, and the decline in export相師s is significantly narrowing. I員地ndustry production, revenue an花綠d other indicators are gradual熱劇ly repairing, and posit美南ive factors driving the industry to sta雪哥bilize and improve continue to acc購子umulate. Throughout 音訊the year, the industry is economic oper小為ation is expected to achieve錢車 a steady increase in high-quali月為ty development resil男歌ience and vitality through continuous 上新improvement.

Policy driven, comprehensi謝睡ve recovery of clothing online and of店睡fline sales

Since the beginning of thi南河s year, the national and local governm紙她ents have continuously increased 不門the efforts of "expan相裡ding domestic demand" and "promoting 開在consumption" policies, an快到d social and economic acti師議vities have become i會月ncreasingly active. The recovery of可南 the clothing consumption m對家arket has accelerated. On體間 April 19th, the Minist懂城ry of Industry and Information Te做裡chnology and the Ministry of Commer空站ce jointly issued the "Notice on Carryi畫會ng out the 2023 Textile and Clothing鐵老 Supply Optimization and U刀花pgrading Activity", which clearly propo慢草sed to organically combine expanding t時哥he demand of the textile and clot訊器hing market with deepening the suppl討音y side structural reform, deeply pro放答mote the "three products" action of in很關creasing variety, impr老快oving quality, and creatin路國g brands of textile a站爸nd clothing, boost developm不水ent confidence, enhance industrial re坐城silience, improve supply level, promote體光 industrial upgrading, product upg文那rading Upgrade consump志讀tion, promote steady p草他rogress in the textile and clothing in音得dustry, and consolidate the advanta錯輛geous position of the textile and cl相她othing industry. In th金白is context, clothing en動跳terprises continue to consolidate th微校eir operations, innova窗跳te their thinking, incr地門ease marketing efforts謝能 such as online and offli爸林ne channel construction and content新樂 conversion, and continuously友場 enhance their busines快知s confidence.

Demand driven, outd風舊oor sports apparel has become a fast金工 growing track

Unconsciously, everyone be相是gan to pay attention to their healt金中h indicators and rol自光led up their exercise ch師靜eckins in their social media. Mr. 月林Luo told reporters that 好視he has been running 5 kilomet商好ers outdoors every day since the b書黃eginning of this year, and his pr也術eviously high blood sugar has now imp男路roved significantly.低時

With the liberaliza站近tion of epidemic policies and the t用也rend of younger and more person頻是alized consumption, health has bec河不ome a key demand for resid計民ents. Residents' willingness to得那 exercise continues to 商購increase, and they have upgraded 東近from traditional sport木會s to more diversified a妹線nd specialized sports su男土ch as marathons, skii子腦ng, and outdoor activities. Thi北舞s has driven the rapid exp對他ansion of the new outdoor s就兵ports consumer market. In the fir兒街st quarter, domestic sport到匠s brands such as Anta, Li Ning會北, Tebu, and Mugao Di achieved steady 森線growth in performance. While seizing th街可e opportunity for consumer u少答pgrading, enterprises 民我actively carry out technological 文匠innovation and produ資錯ct upgrading, strengthen 懂林functional innovation in fabr外西ics, craftsmanship, design, and o請間ther aspects, and at房劇tract a large number of young c街高onsumers through technolog雪開ical means and trendy des理說ign.

Supply and demand assistance, the c拍森lothing industry is expec銀紅ted to recover stead理暗ily throughout the year 弟好

The report from the Chi短去na Clothing Association stat音白es that looking forward to西車 the whole year, the develop輛通ment situation faced by China i動朋s clothing industry is beco員制ming increasingly complex, and mult女老iple difficulties and challenges白有 such as insufficient作友 demand, rising costs, order transfer, 熱又and increased trade 明國risks still need to be overcome. How師草ever, based on the low base effect of紅拿 industry operation in 20問遠22 and the strong support of smoo你到th domestic circulatio技外n, the industry is risk r開呢esistance and development resilience co亮去ntinue to be released, 街懂The positive factors drivi什影ng the high-quality development of th市飛e industry will continue to increase時著, and the clothing industry is工腦 expected to gradually return拿師 to a stable recovery developm能小ent track.

From the perspective of the domestic們鄉 market, as China enters a new stage o數對f epidemic prevention and control哥開, the steady improvem唱書ent of the macro economy has crea化又ted good conditions and foundat視少ion for the recovery of the 到土domestic clothing market. In the fir又短st quarter, the Gross Domestic 刀歌Product (GDP) increased by 4.5% yea議友r-on-year, and per capita di員現sposable income increased by 5.1畫術% year-on-year. The Ma請個nufacturing Purchasi家資ng Managers' Index (PMI)土友 for the first three mo議購nths were 50.1%, 52.6%, and船子 51.9%, respectively, h著他igher than the same peri有熱od last year. According to 視錢data from the Minist刀件ry of Commerce, during the May家動 Day holiday, the dome坐坐stic consumer market maintained rap年從id growth, with clothing sales 身下increasing by 18.4% year-就兒on-year. Economic growth has led t熱購o the expansion of e商校mployment and the inc文制rease of residents' income. Residents'熱來 consumption ability and willingness h河在ave been constantly strengt吧公hened, and consumption dema火藍nd has been accelerated. 著銀Industrial enterprises will also co劇你ntinue to promote the亮間 vigorous development白內 of new business types, new sce舊城nes, new products, and new brands中民 in emerging consumption hots錢去pots such as "China-Chic", "Green", 現樂and "Metauniverse", and help對紅 the domestic clothing market recove我山r smoothly from both supply 得城and demand.

The person in charge of the C時金lothing Association state光黑d that overall, in 2023, China is cloth火師ing industry will actively respond t器議o the complex external env又一ironment and the arduous task of 廠玩reform, development, and stability. W微信ith the support of a strong 短慢industrial chain advantage 高和and a gradually warming 說通domestic market, it will steadil員嗎y return to the operational煙裡 track of promoting 工喝deep transformation, upgrading, an器很d high-quality development.




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