Renewal of clothing innovation
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abstracts:The implementation of the new natio去來nal standard has prompted ent裡說erprises to focus on the diffi習時culties and pain points of民爸 consumer demand, continuously i去服ncrease

The implementation of the 商吃new national standard has prompted e說吧nterprises to focus on the difficult店雜ies and pain points of consumer d醫那emand, continuously increa答花se technological inno自票vation, broaden consumer choice space,村答 and drive the entire i火什ndustry towards bett大自er quality, better service, and我要 higher levels.

In recent years, with the emergence o店筆f new fabrics, new processes, and new t影笑echnologies, consumers' demand f要風or clothing and knitwear has be和去en continuously segmented, and the us謝子age scenarios have been continuously 女空expanded. Products that inte報校grate multiple functions such地吃 as warmth and cold pro會亮tection, antibacterial and deodoriz人筆ing, moisture absorption 可吃and quick drying, UV prote通就ction, anti-static, oil rep唱藍ellent and stain resistant have emerg人跳ed.

On May 1st, the national s學喝tandard GB/T 41788-2022 "Multi funct笑爸ional Knitted Produc亮北ts" jointly released by the State Ad學厭ministration for Market Reg白中ulation and the National Standardiz區劇ation Administration was officially 和對implemented. What issues d議腦oes the introduction of this s大商tandard mainly focus on solvin明作g? What impact will the implem理但entation of the new nation路光al standard bring to the mar地生ket? How should businesses and cons少日umers recognize the new n個光ational standard?

Focusing on supply and demand to fill姐術 gaps

With technological prog玩老ress, new types of fibers have 她做emerged endlessly, a為玩nd a variety of new fiber來們 textile products hav兵他e been produced using them as ra我知w materials. These new fiber外樹s often combine multiple funct為子ions, and the clothing made請著 from them naturally has m湖市ultifunctional chara河學cteristics, greatly improv對問ing the wearing experience of consumers視資.

Entering a Uniqlo store located on謝科 the South Third Ring笑電 Road in Beijing, a dazzlin司內g array of clothing fea吃都turing different functio章對nal features is available: AIRis坐理m Cool Portable Sun Pro的場tection Clothing, DRY-EX Moisture媽答 wicking POLO Shirt, Air 店視Feel Lightweight Quick Drying Suit議這s... It is already summer, and m刀子any consumers are coming to choose su綠要n protection products. Wu Pinhui, Chie信兒f Marketing Officer of Uniqlo在和 Greater China, stated that the categ輛區ory of sun protection c秒雨lothing in the market is const小我antly being segmented and up要要graded. Consumers' functional n資近eeds for sun protection clothing n分水ot only focus on UV protection就謝, but also pursue cooling, q嗎制uick drying, breathability, and ligh樹門tness. At the same time, they hav花多e higher requirements for color, h畫服oping to be suitable for多白 diverse styles and match dif用視ferent life scenarios.

The reporter learned tha窗飛t clothing with two or m海弟ore functions is currentl門明y highly favored by cons師木umers in the market. The 2023 Tmall Clo票林thing Spring/Summer Trend Whi子上te Paper shows that this s新裡pring/summer, with the increasing nu南人mber of travel scenarios, consume頻是rs' core functional needs f笑匠or clothing are reflecte火報d in portability and sun 區為protection. The head of Tmall cl司鐵othing products and search operations, 制做Shuwen, told reporters 明年that while the performan黑市ce of sun protection clothing, wi身不nd protection clothing公學 and other categories has been up商票graded, color and style desi輛算gns have also iterated, result錯水ing in a surge in sales. Among them,爸間 the growth rate of fashionabl花子e sun protection clothing都話 has exceeded 1700%, a上也nd the growth rate of shell sun近報 protection hats has exceeded 860%.

The introduction of the new 話爸national standard conforms to the 飛黃practical needs of the村費 current market on both supply 鐘飛and demand sides, fillin還北g the gap in the field of mu音間lti-functional knitted pro們哥duct standards in China. As the ma子術in drafting unit of the new慢文 national standard, 商子Zhao Juanzhi, Senior E好年ngineer of the Knitwear Branc一快h of the National Textile Stan校秒dardization Technical 電還Committee and Minister of the Stan醫爸dard Innovation Center of Tia近場nfang Standard Testing草子 and Certification Co., Ltd., introdu算年ced that, GB/T 41788-20會機22 "Multi functional Knitted Prod事通ucts" categorizes the functi銀妹ons applicable to knitted fabrics i內聽nto 20 categories based on 好科the current status of funct到船ional knitwear and the 笑金established function自地al textile standards, such得得 as warmth preservation, a低器ntibacterial and deo鄉頻dorizing, waterproof體票ing, radiation protection, UV protecti地讀on, flame retardancy, mo會好isture absorption and qu村匠ick drying, contact instant coolin音刀g, etc., and clarifies the海長 performance requirem和銀ents, technical index evaluation, an音計d test methods of these functions, T他你his provides a clear path f業我or the manufacturing 個玩of multi-functional knitwear and sol視女ves the long-standing c女作onfusion of having no船那 standards to follow.

It is worth noting that clothing and員習 textiles should not only meet t國爸he functional requirements of the new n音生ational standard, but also meet other 能司indicators, such as col學還or fastness, pilling, 離什strength, and washing size change ra林木te. Zhao Juanzhi empha一商sized that the new national standard 公票introduces "relevant kn體著itted product standa分開rds" and uses multiple layers of stand說老ards to form a complete assessm見話ent system for products.

Industry innovation at 銀紅the right time

In actual production, the innovation美訊 of clothing dyeing and f區書inishing technology and addi化員tives has also made the finishing proc如件ess of textiles more refined and divers對購ified, making it possible to produce mu綠房lti-functional textile products, whi司答ch also forces the continuous upg火通rading of the standard system.

In the laboratory of Sh慢大andong Kangkang New Materials Tec錢上hnology Co., Ltd., some see熱微mingly ordinary fabrics actuall樹可y have unexpected "skil很廠ls". A "thermometer" that can be跳花 worn on babies, Flexible fibers 民姐that can collect physiological s喝刀ignals... General Manager Liu Chun東書mei introduced: "This sil日草ver ion antibacterial 短地temperature changing fabric 為費can sense the baby is body tem志匠perature. Once it exceeds the n子問ormal range, the pattern of the c我頻lothes will disappear, achi商員eving warning function. This intellig會看ent conductive fiber can seamlessly fi作關t the body parts, accur妹歌ately detect externa廠裡l stimuli, and help 遠作achieve intelligent wearab拍拿le textiles for human health manag湖能ement." With 8 inventi遠我on patents With the a議男ccumulation of 50 utility mo車木del patents, these new smart 是你fibers are constantly mo區畫ving from materials to pro小兒ducts, creating greate我河r imagination space 們月for the clothing indu民船stry.

Functional standards are an高城 important support for the devel見開opment and application of new fibe快生rs, helping to promote breakthroughs 地通in key preparation technologies for冷鐵 high-performance fibers and p快有rocessing technologies for high-per見討formance textile products. "Zhao Juanzh我見i said that currently, most of t呢黑he multi-functional ne裡雪w fibers developed in China have not ye科輛t established identific輛話ation standards, which poses g話高reat difficulties for the promot火有ion and application of new fibers, maki司唱ng it difficult to effectively utili女厭ze their versatility. At the same 筆呢time, the same fabric is affected by di花微fferent additives, and various functio去綠ns are mutually constrain子笑ed and affect each other, directly af快中fecting the quality of t答微he finished product. Most of the e開資xisting functional knitted prod鐘刀uct standards are single f學北unction assessment and 愛吃evaluation indicators, which are n個資ot conducive to the deep proces商來sing of products by enterprises a暗刀nd restrict the diversifi下一ed development of the i我計ndustry.

The implementation of the new nati月章onal standard has pointed out the d如計irection for the smoot兒議h and healthy entry of車離 new fibers into the market, help綠跳ing enterprises simplify complexit去空y and directly conduct testing 舞學and evaluation from multif現器unctional features, greatly im村時proving the practicality of 日得the standard. Liu Chunmei st工現ated that standards are the "wind 頻得vane" of enterprise de舞美velopment. Under the間校 guidance of the new national舞街 standards, enterprise睡事s cannot stay on the能花 simple superposition of past 會票functions, but should adjust區弟 and optimize from various aspec物腦ts such as product positio技區ning, fabric selection, 紅雪pattern design, cutting and兵友 sewing, dyeing and ironing,開新 etc. This will becom們麗e an important opportunity for enterpri東北ses to build commercial barriers an區藍d improve product co錢吃mpetitive advantages.

In Zhao Juanzhi is view, the implemen月公tation of GB/T 41788-2022自自 "Multi functional Knitting P坐知roducts" has prompted enterprises 爸公to focus on the difficul秒那ties, pain points, and blind spots市我 of consumer demand, continuous都嗎ly increase technological inn新低ovation, boldly improve proce麗刀sses, and actively eliminate the old 費得and create the new. This n問南ot only enriches mark動雜et supply, expands consumer cho火員ice space, but also drives 業行the entire industry 服裡towards better quality,金農 better service, and high技舞er levels.

Green environmental protection favor遠就ed

The consumption and harm of the clothi刀分ng and textile industry to th影開e environment has alway訊如s been widely concerned. Due to di鐵一rect contact between textiles and熱厭 skin, clothing that is less depe厭線ndent on chemical dyes and focuses師頻 on environmental protectio討微n throughout the entire design and man票冷ufacturing cycle is un金綠doubtedly more popular. Zhao森票 Juanzhi stated that in this信機 regard, the new national standard no靜外t only requires functionality,報弟 but also specifies the che對大mical substances used in the p高電roduction process and the safe裡空ty of products.

Liu Chunmei, who has nearly玩兵 30 years of experience in the藍媽 fiber industry, has a deep un家志derstanding of the ch秒東anges in the consumer mark道會et. She told reporters t舞你hat in the past, most customers dis民城dained functional produ上麗cts and believed that the cost-effectiv你市eness was not high. In recen近花t years, with the implementation站吃 of the "dual carbon" strategy and t子信he improvement of consumer he金員alth awareness, the market有老 is acceptance of functional 錯市products has generally increas秒子ed. Green sustainable development an離劇d differentiated inno高又vation have become a consensus in些的 the industry.

What Liu Chunmei said is true.議謝 In order to adapt to 鐘水changes in the consumer marke頻從t and accelerate the improveme弟們nt of green product supply capacit樂生y, a large number of green a日是nd environmentally friendly new eq內鄉uipment, materials, technolo廠術gies, and processes have made b章月reakthroughs. According to the土對 "2022/2023 Knitting P多討roduct Trend" release有不d by the China Knitting筆麗 Industry Association,女村 out of the 351 samples applied 暗要for by 77 companies, the 短制proportion of enterprises applyin市火g for green sustainable fa能如bric samples exceeds 80又信%, and the proportion of green susta綠草inable products is as hi答訊gh as 66%.

The consumer market also ha制下s strong demand for green environ南日mental protection. Accord器工ing to the White Paper on China子跳 is New Generation Fashion Consumpti草笑on, 80.4% of respondents 物知are more willing to choose brands wit錯也h environmental concepts. According時刀 to the 2022 China Consumer Insight r做歌eport released by Accentur請快e, 43% of respondents are willing to p媽還ay a premium for environmental藍友ly friendly products 信林or packaging. Liu Yuntian月文 from Shenzhen is a securities 到少analyst who works in the financial ind通下ustry with strict requirements an文很d often needs to wear f著我ormal attire. Liu Yuntian stated that 可家he places great importance公南 on fabrics and is more willing 不作to choose products with見呢 natural, environmentally frie跳市ndly and skin friendl現著y materials.

"Wearing this underwear made of多得 seaweed fiber is like a能們pplying a 'facial mask' to the skin." L紅理iu Chunmei told reporters that in學的 order to comply with the low-carb男民on consumption trend, the compa吧錢ny has developed a seaweed fiber. T如章his fiber uses natural kelp and s銀我eaweed organisms as raw mat習但erials, and after precipita吧東tion and extraction, its moistu志間re absorption rate can reach 5 ti呢熱mes that of pure cott什鄉on material, thereby alleviating pro歌國blems such as rough a討短nd aging skin in autumn a草吧nd winter. When it c會什omes to the advantages of seaweed年姐 fiber, Liu Chunmei said, "T錯化he industry now places great emp懂我hasis on reducing the consumptio科河n of natural resources in fabric d雨議evelopment. We cultivate作作 30000 acres of seawe媽空ed, which is like planti車可ng trees in the ocean. It 空放produces a large amount of f雜微iber, has high water content, and is e書跳nvironmentally friendly and b答離iodegradable, which 外亮is of great significance for water人門 conservation, efficiency improvement, 校行carbon reduction, an書小d carbon sequestration




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