The Impact of Outward區器 Relocation of China's Clothing 快影Processing Link Highlight計件s
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abstracts:Due to multiple policy and那腦 market factors such as the 火唱appreciation of the RMB, the re件腦duction of export tax rebates, an光光d the rise in labor and raw鄉都 material prices, the profi到笑t space of textile and水懂 clothing export enterprises has been 民土severely squeezed sinc知錯e 2007

Due to multiple policy and market f頻南actors such as the app腦這reciation of the RMB, the reduction船場 of export tax rebates, 錯行and the rise in labor and raw mate子新rial prices, the profit space of 笑是textile and clothing export enterpr如黃ises has been severely squ對愛eezed since 2007, with mos吃腦t enterprises on the edge of吧鄉 meager profits or losses.近中 The impact of the US subprime c得紙risis is still ongoing,開通 and the US dollar zone ec女錯onomy is sluggish, significa技通ntly suppressing demand for textile and藍多 clothing. Since the beginning of 短雜this year, the export performance o體民f China is textile and c能來lothing products to the Unite對路d States has been consistently 視唱sluggish. Except for the growth in到外 March due to the infl雨一uence of the Spring Fe呢麗stival, the growth ra錢場te in other months has been below 2店厭% or even negative

Industry insiders have sta樹金ted that the export growth rate o也音f textile yarn, fabrics, and pr是門oducts is significantly fas去朋ter than that of clothing exports,哥很 reflecting the significant impact 又筆of the relocation of China is clot歌坐hing processing links. The analysis 木會report released by the General A市秒dministration of Customs recently電亮 stated that in recent years,快朋 countries such as India, Vietnam, 明現Cambodia, and Bangladesh have all rega會風rded the textile and clothing in數從dustry as important supporting i話湖ndustries, with stronger labor co工公st advantages. China, espe家都cially Guangdong textile enterprises訊師, have accelerated their relocatio南對n. Currently, more than 400 Chinese tex志個tile enterprises have invested a低腦nd established factories in Cambodia, a吃飛nd nearly 100 have also arrived in Bang窗聽ladesh.




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